Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a set series of postures, learned by memory, pose-by-pose, over a period of weeks, months, and years. Classes are held "Mysore style," meaning that the classes are not led in a whole-group manner. Mysore style is a simple, effective, and ancient method of learning yoga. New students are instructed individually, and taught small amounts of a sequence of poses that may increase each session according to the capacity of the student.
Current students are practicing the sequence that they have so far, independently in a group setting, with adjustments and assistance from the instructor as needed.

When the initial poses of the sequence have been committed to memory, new postures are introduced, adding to the sequence when the student is ready. Students learn new poses when the teacher determines they are ready to move on.

The Ashtanga practice is designed to open and strengthen your body and mind, as well as enhance all systems of the body. All Ashtanga classes at Detroit Yoga are Mysore style.

Both Ashtanga and Vinyasa offer an excellent balance of strength and flexibility. Both strengthen your heart and increase oxygen intake, improving your health and vitality. And with both, you will learn to discipline your mind as well as your body.

Our Ashtanga classes are 60 - 90 minutes (depending on how much of the sequence the student is working on).