At first it’s nothing. So say at first, you have no discipline. And you are told you need to be disciplined in a certain area to achieve a certain aim. But you are not a disciplined person so to speak…you have none. Like I said, at first it’s nothing.
Then comes a thought like, “I want to be a serious writer…I want to write books.” The thought is great but action then needs to be taken. Go to the desk, sit down and write. Now again…that’s nothing…that is not discipline.

The next day comes…go to the desk, sit down and write. Still it’s not much…you’re not a writer…you’re not disciplined. Do it again the next day. Do it again on the day that you...

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Sirsasana / Headstand set up (beginner).

Jason Schramm of Detroit Yoga going over set up/progression of headstand for beginners.

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In response to the question = Isn’t there always some level of wanting to get good at practice?

Why? The why you do, is more important than what you do? A true yogi, or anyone who would like to live in a better society...create a more enlightened society, needs to start with themselves. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Self inquiry is the highest form of maturity." I agree. Start asking your self the question, "why?" And if the answer is anything less than noble...then it's time to course correct.

Back to the question above...if your mindset is that of one-up-manship, competition, or just showing off your awesome skills, you're actually diminishing and detracting...from yourself and your fellows. Instead of competition...try creation....

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In this video Jason Schramm of Detroit Yoga instructs/demonstrates Sun Salutation A from Ashtanga and/or Vinyasa practice for brand new beginners. Just the gross movements and breathing. Finer details to be given in class once the gross movements and breathing are memorized.

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That said… We practice more so to achieve a state of Yoga (union or stillness), than do Yoga. What we do in class is use all of the Yoga movements, Yoga postures (Yogasana), and rhythmic breathing to cause our minds to be more calm, focused, and effective. To realize and begin to cease the constant (and many times negative) chatter going on inside our heads.

Shakespeare said, “nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.” This is very true. Through Yogasana and meditation practice we can begin to realize this and stop placing so many of our judgments and labels on things and just let them be…not good or bad, just be. What a calm and peaceful life that would become?


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