To Still The Mind Is Yoga

That said… We practice more so to achieve a state of Yoga (union or stillness), than do Yoga. What we do in class is use all of the Yoga movements, Yoga postures (Yogasana), and rhythmic breathing to cause our minds to be more calm, focused, and effective. To realize and begin to cease the constant (and many times negative) chatter going on inside our heads.

Shakespeare said, “nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.” This is very true. Through Yogasana and meditation practice we can begin to realize this and stop placing so many of our judgments and labels on things and just let them be…not good or bad, just be. What a calm and peaceful life that would become?


That is Yoga…much more than just stretching and working out. Of course, as a by-product of diligent Yogasana practice, the body will become in excellent physical condition, but the mind is the target.

Our lives are the sum total of our thoughts. Yogasana and meditation practice allow us to see just what goes on in there, start to improve our patterns of thinking and begin to respond better and better to life, therefore achieving Yoga (Union).

Stay true,