Transition from Down Dog to Seated Posture

Floating transition from down dog to seated main points.

  1. Have a strong plank as well as moderate core strength. If these areas are lacking, go to work on them. Mountain climbers exercise will do it pretty quickly.
  2. From Down Dog, bring shoulders over hands.
  3. Bend knees a little and spring off the feet.
  4. Tuck the knees into the chest quickly and keep them to the chest very tightly (like the mountain climber but with both legs at the same time).
  5. Keeping the knees into chest, with as much control as possible (it won't look that pretty in the beginning) start to lower the hips (butt) and bring the feet through.
  6. Repeat. Lots of practice! Each time working to improve upon the last.

For more subtle details and/or trouble shooting ask Jason in class.