Why Bother?

In response to the question = Isn’t there always some level of wanting to get good at practice?

Why? The why you do, is more important than what you do? A true yogi, or anyone who would like to live in a better society...create a more enlightened society, needs to start with themselves. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Self inquiry is the highest form of maturity." I agree. Start asking your self the question, "why?" And if the answer is anything less than noble...then it's time to course correct.

Back to the question above...if your mindset is that of one-up-manship, competition, or just showing off your awesome skills, you're actually diminishing and detracting...from yourself and your fellows. Instead of competition...try creation. Creating a better you. The ego will try to bring shades of gray into the answer of why? But truly, it can be pretty black and white. There is a part of you that knows the truth. Listen to that. Work hard...not so much to show everyone how awesome you are...but how awesome they can be. Become an example of goodness.


Why bother? There are way too many people out there trying to look good and it's not working. Be good. A high aim indeed...difficult at first...but with practice, it can become easy and your regular mode of operation. Lift others up and we all rise.

Stay True,