Class Descriptions

Detroit Yoga Class Descriptions

Ashtanga =  Students learn a set sequence of movements and postures that is always practiced in the same order and given by the teacher a little bit at a time. When students come to class they practice what they have been given so far and when they are ready the teacher gives them new postures to add-on to their existing sequence. Anyone can practice Ashtanga...young or old, healthy or ill, fit or not, as the practice can be adapted and modified to an individual's current needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This practice is suitable for all levels of students, especially beginners.

Vinyasa = Students are introduced to and work on a blend of fundamental and intermediate/advanced yoga postures along with focus on fluid movement, breathing, concentration and meditation.  Each class ends with a brief Q & A period to help students better understand and deepen their practice. This class is suitable for all levels of students.

Please note...if you have any physical limitations or injuries and would like to start at a slower pace with more individual attention, then Ashtanga classes are recommended.